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Do you have a business idea? Do you plan to start a new business and succeed in the global market? Do you want to learn new skills and to expand your  business?

Apply to this call and join the Start:up Centre Community of The Development Centre for Information and Communications Technologies.

By joining our community you benefit: 

  • Free access to the RC IKT Academy workshops  where you will learn about the business planning methodology “Lean Start-up”.
  • Free access to the Start:up Geek House Community with joint working Thursdays.
  • Mentoring and consultancy services for development business ideas /products / services for designing a business model and setting up a new company.
  • Access to the programmes of the Initiative Start: Slovenia for development and expansion of your business into global markets.
  • Joining our co-working community, where you will mingle and share ideas with fellow young entrepreneurs and experienced mentors.
  • Numerous benefits for beginners and the self-employed entrepreneurs.

Who can apply?

  • Individuals or groups in the developing stage of the business idea.
  • Start-up companies, not older than 3 years, in the developing stage of new innovative product or service based on their knowledge and expertise.

What is expected from applicants?

  • Dedication and commitment for the realization of business ideas as well as for the development and expansion of the business.
  • Energy and passion to work and global ambitions.
  • Innovative and market oriented entrepreneurial ideas / products / services.
  • Development of ideas / products / services from different business areas (informatics, telecommunication, multimedia, ecology, medicine, design and other service activities, etc. )

Application should include

  • Applicants information data.
  • Short presentation of the entrepreneurial idea.
  • The problem solving description of the idea / product / service.

Send your summary of the business plan including above mentioned information to e-mail: If you have any further questions feel free to contact our consultant Elvira Luin at

Deadline for applications is tuesday, 19th of May 2014.

Don’t hesitate, join us today!Imaš udarno podjetniško idejo? Se spogleduješ z idejo, da bi odprl/a svoje podjetje? Mogoče že imaš podjetje? Podjetje, ki je na trgu manj kot tri leta? Si freelancer (svobodnjak)?

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