The opening event of the RC IKT renovated premises and the first public presentation of Development centres of the Slovenian Economy


Kranj, May 21, 2014 – The Development Centre for Information and Communication Technologies (RC IKT) with the renovated premises establishes a new entrepreneurial and technological innovation ecosystem of the national importance. The opening event was also the opportunity for the presentation of achievements of Development Centres of the Slovenian Economy, which have been established in the operation programme »Development Centres of Slovenian Economy – 2010 and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Ministry of Economic Development and Technology . The opening event was concluded with a round table. Experts discussed about the perspective of the Slovenian economy till the year 2020.

17 Development Centres – 120 international registrations of the intellectual property rights

RC IKT hosted representatives of all 17 Development Centres of the Slovenian Economy at the opening event. Most of the results and the effects of all Development Centres will be visible at the time of the completion of the programme operation by the end of 2014, when results of the research and development will be visible on the market. At the beginning of the operation programme Development Centres set high goals, which were 130 registrations of the international intellectual property rights, over 200 new businesses and a high added value cumulative that will exceed by more than 50 % of the subsidy investment. The Slovene government earmarked more than 179 million subsidies since 2011. At this moment Development Centres have almost 800 highly qualified employees that generate a 30% higher added value than the national average. From the beginning of the operation were registered more than 125 international intellectual property rights and established over 40 start-ups.  ”Development Centres have become an example of a good practice of the public-private partnership and therefore it is necessary to continue to promote and strengthen their operations. The results show the strategic development orientation towards key industries and employment of high-skilled workers,” explained Mr. Miloš Šturm, the president of the UO Regional Chamber of Commerce.

In Kranj national specialists of the ICT

The Development Centre for ICT in Kranj is the only specialised technological park for the ICT sector in Slovenia and the only technology park in the Gorenjska region. “Knowledge, experience and resources brought together 5 partners – Iskratel, Technology park Ljubljana, ICT Technology Network, SINTESIO and Borea in In April 2011. They founded RC IKT with a clear vision to become entrepreneurial and technological innovation ecosystem, the first choice for the business development in the field of information and communication technologies in the wider region Alpe-Adria ,” explained the mission of the RC IKT, Mr. Roman Kužnar, phD., CEO of the RC IKT.

RC IKT regularly carries out national entrepreneurial support programs, from business ideas development to global start-ups. In the last two years 38 companies, 15 of them star-ups, become members of the technology park. Only in 2013, the technology park carried out over 100 consultancies and mentorships and so provided a direct support for development of 35 companies. 60 entrepreneurship workshops visited over 1.000 participants. The renovation of the industrial complex and establishment of the entrepreneurial programmes and environment were possible with the help of subsidies. RC IKT provides programmes for start-up companies, their growth and penetration to the global market called Start:up Slovenia Initiative, Go:Global and Soft:land Slovenia. The brand iktX provides information and communication solutions and services.

The renovated RC IKT with total 700 jobs

In the RC IKT today, there are around 90 employees, in the technology park are nearly 40 companies with approximately 200 employees. The renovation process is not fully completed yet, there are some planned investments till the end of the year. “The first phase was concluded already in 2012, there are some issues to be implemented in the near future. Spaces that we have obtained with the renovation opened additional 150 jobs. The complete renovation of business premises in the technology park will open about 700 jobs,” said the director of RC IKT.

About perspectives of the Slovenian economy till the year 2020

The opening event gave the opportunity to Development Centres of the Slovenian Economy to demonstrate their work and results. Development Centres are the starting point of the smart specialisation strategy of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. At the round table experts concluded the opening event; there was a discussion of the development perspectives of the new financial perspective up to the year 2020, driven by high competitiveness, high added value and export orientation of Slovene companies. “We estimate that the objectives set by Development Centres of the Slovenian Economy at the start of the programme operation are even surpassed. Development Centres have developed many skills and competences, which are very important for the development of the Slovenian economy, in particular in perspective by the year 2020. In order to achieve goals to improve competitiveness of the Slovenian economy, it is necessary to establish a stable business environment, which will be attractive for both domestic and foreign investors. This was the purpose of the programme measures for economic growth and jobs,” said mag. Sabina Koleša, Director of the Directorate for Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Technology of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

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